Zero to 200 million users in 6 years

We’re just getting started.

Paytm Labs builds technologies that power Paytm, the worlds’ fastest growing mobile payments and commerce ecosystem. We use our skills, and our biggest asset – data, to make our little dent in this universe.

Transforming half a billion lives

We make commerce smoother, safer, and personal. We will bring half a billion Indians to the mainstream economy.

What We Do

We build products that improve the experience on the Paytm platform. We work on everything from reminding you that your bill is due in a couple of days to showing you the right style of shirts (like checked shirts – do you?) to detecting a spike in orders placed on your credit card and warning you even before your bank does.

We get our most important data, blend it and act on it in near real-time to make the consumer feel they’re talking to an intelligent interface.

“The excitement, the pain, and the tears are the secret sauce of success.”  – Jack Ma

“You don’t build a company around a business model but around good people.”  – Jack Ma

Our Projects

Here’s what we have worked on and is currently keeping us busy.


The capital city and power base of Shinra Electric Power Company in the world of Gaia and a major location in Final Fantasy VII.

A framework of models that makes Paytm personalized for everyone.


French. Noun. [ \ma-ˈket\ ] : A small scale model of something larger.

Real-time evaluation of every transaction against thousands of fraud prevention rules.


The 3rd largest river in North America.

Joining streaming data from multiple sources to generate business metrics and model features.


The largest coastal lagoon in India.

Every bit of data, in one place.


Verb. Urdu. [ \muy-us-sar\ ] : To make available.

Business and operational metrics.


Shh! We could talk to you about it in person, MAY BE.



Machine Learning Engineers

Systems Engineers

Paytm Labs Trivia & Perks

100 Day Plan

We build a plan of action every 100-days. Each plan has a theme, a mission so to speak. As we grow, so have our plans and our ambitions.

Fun Committee

We have a ‘fun committee’ that has a budget to plan a fun event every month. So far, we've been biking, axe-throwing, bowling, and treasure-hunting. Doing these in the middle of the week is something else 😉

Chocolates & Snacks

Our "Chief Chocolate Officer" is in charge of stocking high-quality chocolates for all. Birthdays are celebrated with cakes and special office events have beer and whiskey.We also get a weekly delivery of fresh fruit, and energy bars.


Be in office between 10 AM and 3 PM.

The Loose Moose

Our office space was at one time used by the popular bar, The Loose Moose. If you're looking for it, it has moved to Front St W.

Transparent recruitment process

Our recruitment process is super inclusive. You're welcome to walk around in the office and talk to anyone during your recruitment process. If all goes really well for you, you'll walk out with an offer. 

Build your own desk

Everybody assembled their own desk and chair on their first day at work. It started because the first few of us who moved to the new office spent the entire first day doing that and we only think it is fair to everyone else.

Fully Loaded Benefits Plan

A comprehensive benefits plan right from the day you start working. No waiting period.


We have a week long training for new (and sometimes old) folks in the office. We cover topics like Advanced Scala, Spark, Akka.

House Brew

At one point we bought green beans and roasted them twice a week.  After a few close calls with the fire alarm, we finally gave up and are stuck with a bi-weekly subscription of some regular beans. If you’re into coffee, you could be our Brewmaster.

Best Meetups

We host many tech, specifically Big Data and Blockchain, meetups. We'll even provide pizza and pop for your event. Contact us if you would like to host your event it in our office and think is relevant to what we do. 

A chance to be the Paytm Labs table tennis champion.

A highly qualified workforce

Our employee citizenship diversity is a true reflection of Canada

18 languages spoken collectively

Employees that have lived around the world; now live in Toronto

We're Hiring. Get in Touch.

We're hiring Software Engineers, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Mobile App Engineers, and Software Architects. Think you'll be a great addition to the team? Check out our careers page for the roles available.